Delivering precision,
exceeding expectations

At TMO, we specialise in precision CNC machining, producing high-quality components from a wide range of materials. Our expertise is backed by successful collaborations with multinational clients primarily in the burgeoning medical and life sciences industries. Leveraging our extensive experience, we provide innovative, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Our team of skilled engineers ensures that projects meet your every requirement, while our flexible production capabilities accommodate diverse project sizes and complexities. Partnering with TMO means investing in a technically sound, collaborative relationship that delivers exceptional results for your business.


Established in 1989, TMO initially concentrated on delivering precision manufacturing solutions to the oil and gas sector. Our reputation for high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective work eventually led to interest from other industries, such as life sciences.

When approached for projects involving ultra-high-purity metals, we leveraged our expertise in precision manufacturing to successfully meet the stringent standards required for medical and scientific applications. As our exceptional results attracted clients from both oil and gas and life sciences sectors, TMO expanded its services to encompass a wider range of manufacturing solutions. Today, TMO stands as a leading provider of advanced manufacturing services, catering to clients across various industries with precision, efficiency, and innovation.


Provide quality products and services, on time and at a competitive price.


To continuously improve in quality, delivery and cost.


6 Tuas Link 1, Tuas Sector, Singapore

75 Joo Koon Circle,
Jurong West Sector, Singapore

*Both sites are located near Jurong Port and the Tuas 2nd Link, one of Singapore's gateways to Malaysia. Both areas are also in proximity to major expressways and public transportation.

Headquarters and Factories

TMO's sites are located in Singapore, in major industrial areas:

Site 1: TMO's first site focuses on assembly work and handling of smaller components. Site 1 is located in the Jurong area.

Site 2: 7km and 10 minutes by car from Site 1, TMO's latest factory is located in the Tuas area and hosts the company’s headquarters. TMO acquired Site 2 in 2020 to support the expansion of the company.